About us

We are Lucía Blanco Gracia and Emma Pons Valls. Barcelona, 1996. We are studying Journalism and Political Sciences in Universitat Pompeu Fabra, with the aim to understand the world and therefore to be able to explain it. But not resigning ourselves with it: we want to understand it so we can change it. And as journalists, our strongest weapon to do so is the Truth: we are victims of our sense of justice. We inspire ourselves in great people…

“When I started in the journalism world I learned that a pen can be as effective as a weapon. We can use it to report”, Xavier Vinader

Here is a small preview of a retrospective documentary about Vinader:

Our professional goal is to become reality analysers but we are aware of its multiple faces. Journalism changes as its object of study does: the world. And we will have to dance following its rythm.

We are starting to write a book and this is its first page.

Lucía & Emma.


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