About Imponderabilia Mundi

“Colours, temperatures, atmospheres, ambients. All these called imponderabilia.” The undefinable everything that surrounds us. The World.

Ryszard Kapuściński described with those words the third source that nourishes journalists’ work. The first one are Others, people. The second one, documents. But the third one, imponderabilia, is the pure reality. And a journalist should know how to read it: a journalist should be able to find evidence of what is happening just through observation.

As journalists-to-be, we aspire to have this ability to descipher our raw material, Imponderabilia Mundi –the Imponderabilia of the world- and tell it to everyone.

On this blog we’ll be sharing our journalism works -written in our actual training phase. Due to an international aspiration we’ll publish (at least) bilingual posts, so they will be always translated to English. We invite you to read us and dive in our stories.

Emma & Lucía.


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