About Imponderabilia Mundi

We chose the difficult name of Imponderabilia Mundi at a time -the beginning of our studies in Journalism- when we were fascinated by Ryszard Kapuscinski. A time when we didn’t have any idea about SEO also. The Polish journalist said that imponderabilia are “colours, temperatures, atmospheres, climates”, the third source used by journalists, following people and documents: everything that surrounds us. A journalist has to know how to read and interpretate it. As a newly and eager journalism students, we wanted so hard to start doing it.

This blog was born to be a place where we could publish everything we wrote during our studies. Therefore you will find stories on very different topics. More than two years after, we have widened the scoop, and we added the reflexion on journalism itself through the Cicle de Metaperiodisme. In this series, we interview journalists because we think that it’s the best way to analize the profession and, moreover, to learn through their experience.

We have almost finished our degree and we are more eager than ever to work on this profession that, although the complains and critics by those who are on it, we all know that journalists simply love it. Regarding external critics -which are common lately-, we think that they should be a starting point to keep the hard work and also to change the profession. Information is a necessary right for us to be free. And journalism should always remain at the disposal of citizenship.


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